Inspiration Park

Get Active.  Get Inspired.  Come Together.

Our proposed park layout is shown here, with many features to allow a multi use park.

Spring Hill families deserve a park built with them in mind.  Beyond a playground, this park is a multi-functional space that allows them to enjoy and stay active.  This park has features for all ages, and it will grow with the teens and families, providing fun and new activities for years to come.  The proposed location of the park is the vacant land adjacent to the Spring Hill Aquatic Center.


• Limited sidewalks

• Parks/Playgrounds

• Aquatic Center

• Public access

• Gathering Place

• Safe place to skate

• Community Progression

Phase 1

Skate Park

Bike Pump Track

Shelter House

Porta Potties

Paved Walking Trails

Phase 2

Basketball Courts

Sand Volleyball

Restroom Facilities

Fitness Stations along the trail

Graffiti Wall

Community Benefits

• The myth surrounding skate parks is that they are a breeding ground for crime and other illicit activities.  Research out of the University of North Carolina found that skateboarding is among the activities that might help keep children out of trouble.Reduction in Crime since the Skate Park was installed: From 2003 to 2008, crime has dropped in the immediate area around the park, which has historically been a very high crime area of the city. Since 2003 drug related incidents have dropped 60.9%, violent crime has dropped 29.3% and overall incidents have dropped 22.8%. Further, calls for service have dropped 23.0%.”

• The majority of skateboarding injuries happen outside skate parks. The most common injuries are falls due to surface irregularities and collisions with motor vehicles or pedestrians.  Skateboarding is going to happen whether skate parks exist or not, so the best way to keep youth safe is to provide them access to safe, designated spaces to pursue their activity. “If a city doesn’t have a skate park, it is a skate park.

• COMMUNITY GATHERING PLACES HELP BUILD SOCIAL SKILLS : As our world becomes increasingly overwhelmed by television, video games and internet browsing – kids are spending a lot less time on face to face interaction with their peers. How are kids expected to grow and develop the skills they will need in the real world if they spend all day sitting in front of a screen? Engaging outdoor environments such as a skate parks are great places for kids to interact with one another and build vital social and interpersonal skill

• SKATEBOARDING HAS POSITIVE EFFECTS ON MENTAL HEALTH : Skateboarding is a unique activity because it combines extreme physical exertion with precise muscle coordination and balance. The complexity of performing tricks on a skateboard improves brain function at a fundamental level and stimulates new cell growth in the brain.

• SKATEBOARDING PROMOTES HEALTHY AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLES : Arguably the most important reason for participating in action sports is the fact that it keeps you healthy and physically fit. Finding an activity that gets kids off the couch and keeps them in shape is vital for the youth of this nation, especially in this time of a national health crisis.

• SKATE PARKS REDUCE CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR : The officer said in a letter to Skate Park organizers, which was read at a meeting of the Driffield Town Council policy and finance committee: “Since the skate park opened there has been a noticeable drop in calls to youths causing annoyance and related matters. I would fully support this facility being made into an all weather, all year round resource.“

• SKATE PARKS ATTRACT TOURISM : A professionally designed and well-maintained skate park can bring new life into your community. When you take the time and effort to create a unique facility, the economic rewards can be felt almost immediately. Word travels fast in the skateboarding world and with a new showpiece to offer, skateboarders and their families will flock to your community and spend their vacation dollars.   According to a report from 2009, skateboarding, with rapid growth and expansion world wide, is estimated to have 4.8 billion dollars in annual revenue with 11.008 million participants around the world.

• “The park is not intended to be an economic-development tool, though it has proven to be a draw for other cities. Stan Robinson, chairman of Recreation District No. 3 in St. Mary Parish, said his district’s skate park, built in November, has been a worthwhile venture.“I can’t tell you how many times a parent has said to me that it’s the best taxpayer money they’ve spent,” he said. Nearby businesses, he said, are seeing their sales increase from visitors to the park. “We are already planning to expand it,” he said.  “To emphasize how much impact our skate park has had since its opening, I would like to note that one of the most frequent questions at our Colorado Welcome Center is now, “How do you get to the skate park?” The volunteers at the welcome center have requested that signs be placed throughout town to guide out-of-towners to the park.

Economic Benefits:

• Skate parks help create the need for quality skateboard shops. This helps bring new jobs and tax revenue to the community.

• Skate parks help create new skateboard teaching and instructional jobs.

• A professionally designed skate park will attract out-of-town visitors to spend money within the community.

• “It actually becomes a draw for your community if you have a good skate park. Skaters want to come and try it. Never underestimate the power of a teenager to sway his or her parents’ travel plans! -Patti Ferguson, City Administrator for Armstrong, BC

• A public skate park makes the community appear to be invested in the youth and active lifestyles. This will attract new residents to your community. “The whole skate park experience has been a wonder to skaters and non-skaters alike. Senior citizens marvel at the athleticism and imaginations of the skaters, and skaters have a new respect for how a small town village government can work if patience and fortitude are applied.” David Snider, Councilman, Somerset, Ohio

Inspired to Help?

We are looking for sponsors to help fund this project.  If you are a company that would like to donate funds, materials or labor costs, please reach out to us at

We would also love the support from individuals, please consider a monetary donation or volunteering with us!