Candy Schoenberger

Candy Schoenberger is the mother of two and a grandmother of one. She has lived in Spring Hill most of her life, including her childhood. In her free time, she is a passionate soccer fan and loves to spend time with her family and in her various volunteering pursuits to make her community a better place. She founded SHIFT because she saw a need for the teens to have something to do in the community, so they’d understand how much the community loves them and see the number of people who are here to support, listen, and care about them.

Michelle Huffman

Vice President
Michelle Huffman is a mother of four, who grew up in Spring Hill.  She works for a local business, Niffie Printing, as well as runs her own Screen Printing business, Fire Mark Apparel.  She knows all too well about the affects of peer pressure kids face growing up, which is why she is so passionate about SHIFT.

Shelly Coats

Shelly Coats is a lifelong resident of Spring Hill and a mother of two young children. Shelly is active in several community organizations including the Spring Hill Young Professionals, the Spring Hill Fall Festival, and as a Commissioner for SHRC.  Shelly knows that many of our youth lead isolated lives, and believes that encouraging community involvement at a young age can help children develop a network of support, and a sense of belonging.

Bonnie Wilson

Bonnie Wilson is the mother of three teenagers, and enjoys fishing, camping, gardening, and spending time with her family. She has spent time coaching youth sports and serving as an Adult Scout Leader along with her husband Shawn.

Shawn Wilson

Shawn Wilson is the father of three teenagers and has spent 11 years coaching youth soccer and basketball. He serves as an adult scout leader. In his free time, he enjoys boating, camping, and fishing. He enjoys helping and mentoring youth in the Spring Hill community through his service with SHIFT and in other endeavors.

Jim Nemer

Jim Nemer has five kids with his wife Liz and has enjoyed supporting them in scholastic and extracurricular activities for over twenty years and counting. Outside of school sports, teams, and clubs, they’ve been active in Scouting. He loves SHIFT for the common ground that it can provide for teens to celebrate their differences and help them interact with those they may not otherwise get to know in academic or athletic pursuits.

Annie McMahon

Annie McMahon is the mother of four children. After seeing heartbreak in her teenagers after the loss of close friends who had committed suicide, she knew that she needed to be a part of the changes that would make a difference to teens. In addition to volunteering with SHIFT, she works part-time for the Spring Hill Recreation Commission. When she isn’t working or volunteering with SHIFT, she is often seen at a ball field watching her children play everything from softball to soccer, and is an avid Sporting Kansas City fan.

Abby Starkey

Abby Starkey is a sophomore at Spring Hill High School and loves a wide variety of activities like theatre and volleyball. She is passionate about literature. Abby joined SHIFT because she loves to make people happy and help them through hard times, and SHIFT fits into these goals.

Erin Ritter

Erin Ritter is the Special Events and Marketing Coordinator for the Spring Hill Recreation Commission. Erin is a very active member of the Spring Hill community as is evident in her involvement with the Spring Hill Young Professionals, Spring Hill Fall Festival, Spring Hill Rotary Club and SHIFT. Erin has a passion for organizing events that enrich the lives of others.

Robert Dove

Robert Dove, owner of Dove Web Consulting grew up in Spring Hill, KS. His biggest goal in life is to make a difference in his local community and his passion for connecting with the youth is why he joined shift. Robert’s a huge music nerd having played the piano and trumpet since the 5th grade and DJing professionally since 2009

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