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About us

About SHIFT - Spring Hill Inspiration for Teens

What we do & Why!

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We are here to listen, love our children, and let the teens in the community know that we are here if they need to talk. We are not counselors-- we are parents and community members who care!

SHIFT has the ultimate goal of giving teens in Spring Hill, Kansas a safe, understanding environment to spend time with peers and trained adults. We aim to help shape their future and present by letting them know that they are important members of our community. To do this, we offer monthly events and provide creative and fun ways to spend their free time with their peers. We are here to listen, to love the children in our community, and to let them know that we are listening when they need to talk. When children in Spring Hill are young, there are many community programs available to them. However, when these children become teens, those programs end and there is a gap in community programming for those in middle and high school. SHIFT changes this by offering monthly free events and classes for teens to participate in. As a result of the lack of structured programming in Spring Hill prior to SHIFT, many teens try to find their own entertainment, sometimes in unhealthy ways (12 year olds are no longer just talking about drinking, they’re actually doing it, and activities like cyberbullying, sexual activity, and drug use are more prominent than ever). SHIFT aims to end this vicious cycle by offering monthly teen events. These events are offered free of charge-- we believe no teen should ever be turned away from activities due to lack of funds-- allowing everyone the opportunity to get involved.

Our Mission Statement
SHIFT aims to build a community where teen involvement creates, encourages and provides opportunity to develop to their full potential.


Candy Schoenberger

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