Spring Hill Inspiration for Teens

SHIFT aims to build a community where teen involvement creates, encourages, & provides opportunities
to develop to their full potential.

What is SHIFT all about?

SHIFT offers free monthly events for teens, complete with food and fun. It allows teens to have a free and fun way to spend time with friends in a safe, supervised location. We’ve had events like dance parties, outdoor events with lawn games, kickball, karaoke and board games, and movie nights. There’s something for everyone!

We also offer classes for teens including self-defense and anti-bullying training in conjunction with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, a hair- and skin-care class with Perfect Details, and a car maintenance class with J&T Automotive. We would love to partner with more skilled volunteers for future free class and training opportunities for teens.

In the future, we aim to create support groups that will be local and convenient for our community. If you or someone you know is interested in facilitating these groups, please contact us.

A teen center will eventually be a hub for SHIFT activity, both acting as an event space for our upcoming events, as well as an open-format building that allows teens to play pool, ping pong, and video games in louder spaces and a quiet space for board games and quiet study spaces. A snack bar will act as a revenue stream for SHIFT. Our aim is that teens will take personal ownership of the space by helping to care for it and we would love for it to be a space that all teens feel welcome spending time at.

SHIFT would love to get the entire community active at a skate/bike park, a futsal/volleyball/basketball combined court, and a set of batting and pitching cages. This would be an all-ages space that could bring families together and give teens an outdoor location to spend time and stay active together.

Our Impact!

A mother contacted us saying she had seen a huge change in her son. When she had her son come to the first event, she had to walk him in and worked hard to convince him to stay. The next event, he came in by himself, but didn’t talk or interact much at all. By event three, he was like an entirely new person. He came in with confidence and high-fiving some kids, sat down and began talking. Each event, he became more and more involved and invested. The mother contacted us saying she went to parent-teacher conferences and the teachers said his confidence level was much higher and asked what the difference was. When she got home, she asked her son about it and he informed her that he had friends now, friends he met through SHIFT. He told her he asked a girl to prom and she said yes! His mother was thrilled that she saw such a difference after just six months of SHIFT events.


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“I love the SHIFT program.  I’m thankful for the fun events that are put on and all the togetherness it brings with kids in our community!”

A SHIFT teen

“It taught me I can make my own fun.  I learned it is my attitude that makes a situation fun and I need to keep a positive attitude.”

A SHIFT teen

“It has showed me that everyone just wants somewhere they can be themselves and not feel judged for it!”

A SHIFT teen

“I think it has brought a lot of the teens closer together.  It has taught us that being different is okay and it is celebrated.”

A SHIFT teen

A HUGE Thank You to our Sponsors!

If you are experiencing a crisis, call 911 or 1-800-273-TALK (8255)